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Handle production issues quickly. Stop costly mistakes. No more expensive delays.

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Work in production as a team

One click access to your infrastructure

Single Sign On, multifactor authentication, and automatically expiring short-lived SSH access. 1-click access to your infrastructure can be a reality.

Review any command before it runs

Get an extra pair of eyes on a complex SQL command or double check that a script is running on the right environment. Reduce mistakes, reduce downtime, and improve operations.

Automate repetitive work

Turn complex production work into resuable tools. Make simple, tedious tasks a 1-click job that anyone in your company can do.

Share workflows

Share everything from a simple command to a script, making production work into collaborative, reusable workflows. Stop searching chat history to remember important workflows.

Ready for
the enterprise

Compliance for production

Every SSH session is logged from start to finish in the audit trail. Activity is tied to individuals.

SSO and Multi-factor authentication for SSH

Cased connects with GSuite, Okta, and SAML, providing SSO and multi-factor authentication for production access.

Reduce expensive production mistakes

Complex workflows can be turned in to 1-click, no-code tools that reduce mistakes.

Faster support response times

Expand access to important tools and data in a safe, repeatable way.


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Single Sign On and Multifactor Authentication for SSH sessions

Make SSH faster, more secure, and less annoying in just a few minutes.

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Re-imagine how teams work in production environments